Rosegarden 20.06 Open-Source MIDI and Audio Sequencer Arrives with New Features, Fixes

Rosegarden 20.06

Rosegarden 20.06 has been released as new update to this powerful, free and open-source MIDI and audio sequencer, musical notation editor, and musical composition and editing tool for Linux systems.

Dubbed “Zepherine Drouhin,” Rosegarden 20.06 introduces the ability to adjust the track’s height in the Preferences, the ability to use right-click to set the loop in the Loop Ruler, as well as support for displaying the current segment label in the Matrix editor when selecting multiple segments for editing.

It also adds a new Segment > Transpose by Semitones feature in the Segment Canvas and a Segment “For Notation” feature. Moreover, this release increases the height of the Loop Ruler and sets 127 as default for Expression instead for 100.

Moreover, Rosegarden 20.06 addresses several crashes found in the Audio File Manager, on chords in the Pitch Tracker, and when importing .ly files as X11/RG21, and fixes a display issue with the PitchBend Ruler.

Multiple memory leaks and invalid reads, as well as a 100% CPU usage issue that occurred when drawing lines in the controller rulers were fixed as well.

An issue were CCs weren’t going out when playback starts in the middle of a segment was fixed, CCs are no longer being sent on CH10 when the metronome is muted volume, and volume and pan CCs are now always going out, even when removing the controllers from the device.

Last but not least, this release brings code cleanups to the PitchBend and Controller Sequence dialogs, MappedEventBuffer, ColourMap and colour removal functionality.

You can download the Rosegarden 20.06 source code right now from the official website. However, I highly recommend installing this new release or updating your installations from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

Last updated 4 years ago

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