Shotcut 23.04 Video Editor to Bring Qt 6 and FFmpeg 6 Support, Flatpak ARM64 Build

The upcoming major release will also reintroduce GPU effects, a Motion Tracker video filter, and new time filters.
Shotcut 23.04

The development team behind the Shotcut open-source, free, and cross-platform video editing software released today the beta version of an upcoming major release of the project, Shotcut 23.04, which promises support for the latest technologies and lots of new features.

Built using the latest Qt 6 and FFmpeg 6 frameworks, the upcoming Shotcut 23.04 release promises improved Wayland support, an ARM64 (AArch64) build of the Flatpak binary, timeline optimization, faster previews for most video clips without filters, and additional multi-threading in audio/video file reading.

Shotcut 23.04 will also reintroduce the GPU Effects feature, which has been greatly improved to be more performant and stable. GPU Effects now comes with new functionality like end-to-end support for 10-bit sources, text filters, video scopes, stabilization, and support for showing only or all GPU filters when searching for “gpu” in Filters.

A Motion Tracker video filter will be available as well in the upcoming major Shotcut release, which also introduces a “Load Keyframes from Motion Tracker” button to the Corner Pin, Mask: Simple Shape, Size, Position & Rotate, and Size & Position (GPU) filters, as well as two new time filters, namely Speed: Forward Only and Speed: Forward & Reverse.

Other noteworthy changes coming in Shotcut 23.04 include the ability to save and load filter sets, a 10-bit export preset under the “ten_bit” category, a faster and better quality YADIF deinterlacer, a BWDIF deinterlacer, a Lens Correction video filter, Hebrew language support, and a visual rectangle control for the Mask: Simple Shape filter.

Of course, numerous bugs will be fixed to improve existing functionality in the application, such as seeking on raw FLAC audio files, horizontal timeline scrolling using the mouse wheel on Linux and macOS systems, the Record Audio features, and more.

Shotcut 23.04 is now available for public beta testing if you want an early taste of these new features and improvements. You can download it from the project’s GitHub page as an AppImage for your GNU/Linux distribution if you don’t want to install anything or install the Flatpak version from the Flathub Beta repository.

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