Simplicity Linux 20.1 Released with New Gaming Edition, Cinnamon Desktop

Simplicity Linux 20.1

Simplicity Linux 20.1 has been released as the latest version of this Devuan/Debian/Puppy inspired GNU/Linux distribution that doesn’t uses systemd as init system.

Simplicity Linux 20.1 is a stable release, the first in a very long time. It’s based on Buster Dog, a small Debian-based live system designed to look and act like Puppy Linux, which in turn is based on the Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series.

This is also Simplicity Linux’s first release to move from the lightweight Xfce desktop environment to the more modern, yet resource-hungry Cinnamon desktop, which is present on all three editions. It also includes the OBS Studio video editor for Linux and PulseAudio as default sound system instead of ALSA.

Meet Simplicity Linux 20.1 Gaming Edition

Talking about editions, Simplicity Linux 20.1 doesn’t come with the usual Mini, Desktop, and X, but with a brand-new Gaming edition for Linux gamers, which was in development since December 2019, as a Christmas present to users.

“We usually create an X Edition, which showcases features which may or may not appear in a future version of Simplicity Linux, but we’ve decided to rest this for one release cycle as will be explained later,” explain the developers.

The Simplicity Linux Gaming Edition initially shipped with Vortex Cloud Gaming, but it was replaced with Blacknut Cloud Gaming, a cloud-based gaming service. A Steam Launcher is included as well, which lets you download and install the latest Steam Client from Valve to play all of your favorite games.

Unfortunately, the new Gaming edition doesn’t come with any Linux games, but it includes numerous other popular applications and utilities that you might find useful.

If you want to check out Simplicity Linux 20.1, you can download the Mini, Desktop, and Gaming editions right now from the official website. If you encounter issues when running it in VirtualBox, try disabling 3D acceleration.

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