Slackware-Based SlackEX Linux Now Ships with Latest Enlightenment Desktop

SlackEX Linux

SlackEX Linux developer Arne Exton informs 9to5Linux about the general availability of a new version of his Slackware-based that ships with the latest Enlightenment desktop environment by default.

Based on Slackware 14.2, the new SlackEX Linux release drops the lightweight Xfce desktop environment for the even more lighter and beautiful Enlightenment desktop environment/window manager. In fact, SlackEX appears to be the only live system that uses the latest Enlightenment release, version 0.24.2.

“This version of SlackEX is unique. You can’t find another Linux system with the latest Enlightenment version,” Arne Exton.

But that’s not all that’ new in the latest SlackEX Linux release, which is now powered by the Linux 5.9 kernel series. This not only means better hardware support, but it also means you won’t find another Slackware-based live system running Linux kernel 5.9.

And, like most of Arne Exton’s Linux distributions, SlackEX Linux comes with the Refracta Snapshot utility preinstalled, allowing users to build their very own Slackware-based live distro with the Enlightenment desktop environment and Linux kernel 5.9.

If you want to give SlackEX a try, you can download it right now using the link below. If you plan on installing it on your person computer, please note that SlackEX only runs on 64-bit hardware, but it should work very well on older computers from 10+ years ago.

If you’re scared of using Slackware, don’t be because SlackEX makes it fun an easy to use due to the distribution shipping with the Slackpkg and GSlapt package managers, which make installing or upgrading packages a breeze.

Last updated 3 years ago

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