Slackware-Based Slax Linux Is Back After 9 Years of Hiatus

Slackware Slax

Good news for fans of the Slax Linux distribution as the developer just brought back to life the Slackware-based version after 9 years of hiatus and only being based on Debian GNU/Linux.

In 2015, Slax Linux, a lightweight and portable GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux, disappeared from the Linux scene. Two years later, in late 2017, Slax Linux developer Tomas Matejicek announced the release of a new version of Slax Linux based on Debian GNU/Linux, not Slackware.

At that point in time, Tomas Matejicek justified the decision to ditch Slackware Linux in favor of Debian GNU/Linux by saying that Debian made his life much easier and that he believes the Debian-based version will make the life of users easier too.

In mid-July 2022, Tomas Matejicek announced that “having nothing better to do” he is considering bringing back the Slackware-based version, and today he released a new Slax release based on Slackware 15.0.

The previous Slackware-based version of Slax dates back to 2013, said Tomas Matejicek in today’s announcement, where the developer also announced the release of Slax Linux 11.4.0, a version based on Debian GNU/Linux 11.4 “Bullseye”.

Both the Slackware and Debian-based versions use the lightweight Fluxbox window manager with the same UI using the xLunch application launcher designed specifically for Slax and an identical software selection, but the differences are under the hood, of course.

Apart from shipping with newer bases and updated components, the new Slax Linux releases bring an updated shutdown procedure to improve the handling of unmounting devices and implement preserving of mounted devices between reboots by removing systemd rules.

So there you have it, Slax Linux once again lives up to its name and offers a Slackware-based version that you can download right now from the official website, along with the Debian-based version which is also supported on 32-bit systems.

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