Solus Gets Linux Kernel 5.5, Deprecates Nvidia 340 Legacy Driver

Solus 4.1

For Valentine’s Day, Solus users are getting a bunch of goodies as the development team released today several updates to some important core components and apps.

Solus follows a rolling release model where the user installs the operating system once and receives updates forever. The latest update pack brings the recently released Linux 5.5 kernel series, which introduces full Raspberry Pi 4  support, cross device offloaded copy for NFS clients, Btrfs RAID1 with 3- and 4- copies, and much more. This means better hardware support for your Solus installations.

The ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) sound system has been updated as well with the latest Solus update pack, greatly improving audio by improved support for devices like Broadwell Audio DSPs, Gigabyte Motherboards with dual HD-audio codecs, Dell WD15 Dock USB-audio, Intel Broxton SoCs, Intel Skylake I2S, and Lenovo Ideapad Miix 320.

Furthermore, the Python3 implementation has been updated to the latest Python 3.7 series, which promises up to 30% performance bump as the development team managed to rebuild and update hundreds of Python3-based packages.

Last but not least, with this update, the Nvidia 340 legacy graphics driver has been deprecated due to Nvidia no longer supporting newer kernels. The last supported kernel for the Nvidia 340 driver series is Linux 5.4 LTS, but Solus has already moved to Linux 5.5. Instead, Solus will now use the open-source Nouveau driver for Nvidia graphics cards that were supported by the Nvidia 340 driver.

To get all these goodies and much more, update your Solus installations using the sudo eopkg up command in a terminal emulator or by using your favorite graphical package manager. Don’t forget to reboot your computers after installing the new kernel version.

Last updated 4 years ago

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