SolydXK 10.4 Distro Released, Based on Debian GNU/Linux 10.4 “Buster”

SolydXK 10.4

Debian-based SolydXK distribution has a new release based on the latest point release of the Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series, SolydXK 10.4.

As its version number suggests, SolydXK 10.4 is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10.4, which was released in early May 2020 with more than 50 security updates and over 100 bug fixes.

The SolydXK team has worked hard over the past several months to bring you SolydXK 10.4, which includes the latest Linux 4.19 kernel and up-to-date packages from the Debian Buster repositories.

On top of that, the new release comes with some important under-the-hood changes. For example, the /usr directories have been merged and the /bin, /sbin and /lib directories have now become symbolic links to /usr/bin, /usr/sbin and /usr/lib.

SolydXK 10.4 is here more than 9 months after the release of the SolydXK 10 series, so you can imagine that lots of bugs and other annoyances were squashed during all this time.

Also, the devs changed the SolydXK Firefox settings to further improve user privacy. These changes are present in the firefox-solydxk-adjustments package, which can be uninstalled if you don’t need it.

You can download SolydXK 10.4 right now from the official website or using the direct links below. Two editions are available, SolydK with the KDE Plasma desktop environment and SolydX with the Xfce desktop environment, for 64-bit systems.

Meanwhile, the SolydXK team works hard to complete the SolydXK “Enthusiast’s Editions,” which will be based on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system and scheduled for releas later this year. A 32-bit edition is also coming soon.

“You will get updates more regularly and if you need or want to have the “latest and greatest” this is the edition for you. Remember that by using the Enthusiast’s Editions you have an increased risk of breakages,” said the devs.

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