SparkyLinux 2020.09 Released with Latest Debian Bullseye Updates

SparkyLinux 2020.08

SparkyLinux 2020.09 has been released today as the September snapshot of the semi-rolling SparkyLinux 2020 series based on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system.

Coming about two weeks after the SparkyLinux 2020.08 update and only one week after the release of the Special Editions (GamvOver, Multimedia, and Rescue), SparkyLinux 2020.09 is here as an up-to-date media synced with the Debian Testing repositories as of August 31st, 2020.

But don’t expect any major updates or changes. Compared to August’s snapshot, the September release includes updates the Linux kernel to version 5.7.17 from 5.7.10, but keep in mind that the Linux 5.7 kernel series has now reached end of life and it will no longer receive security updates.

Of course, users can also install the newer Linux 5.8 kernel series as the SparkyLinux unstable repositories now include the latest Linux kernel 5.8.5, as well as the third Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux kernel 5.9.

Other updated components worth mentioning include the latest Mozilla Firefox 80 web browser and the first Release Candidate of the upcoming LibreOffice 7.0.1 office suite.

On top of that, this release addresses an issue with the Advanced Installer.

You can download SparkyLinux 2020.09 right now below or from the official website. It comes with all flavors, including the special ones: Xfce, MATE, LXQt, MinimalGUI (Openbox), MinimalCLI (text-mode), GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue.

As usual, if you’re using the SparkyLinux 2020 series, you don’t have to download the new ISOs to keep your installations up to date. All you have to do is use the Sparky Upgrade utility or run the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command in a terminal emulator.

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