Star Labs Launches Coreboot Configurator for Its Linux Laptops

coreboot configurator

Linux hardware vendor Star Labs released today a new app called Coreboot Configurator to make it easier for owners of its Linux-powered laptops to change various settings of the Coreboot open-source firmware.

After many months of hard work, last month, Star Labs finally added support for installing the Coreboot open-source firmware in its Star LabTop Mk IV and Star LabTop Mk III Linux laptops, giving users faster boot times and a more secure boot experience where they have full control over their hardware.

Today, Star Labs announced a new version of Coreboot that fixes various bugs, along with Coreboot Configurator, a new app that lets owners of its Linux-powered laptops to change various settings of the Coreboot open-source firmware via the nvramtool command-line utility.

“A new version of Coreboot is available for the LabTop. The update includes a handful of bug fixes, along with a new feature allowing you to change various settings from your Linux distribution,” said Star Labs.

The first release of the Coreboot Configurator app only lets you change settings like hyper-threading, keyboard backlight timeout, as well as Fn Ctrl reverse, but Star Labs promises to add more options shortly.

For now, Coreboot Configurator can be installed on Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions using Star Labs’ PPA, which you can find on Launchpad or by running the commands below in a terminal emulator.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install coreboot-configurator

Of course, to use the Coreboot Configurator, your Star Labs Linux laptop will have to use the Coreboot open-source firmware, which you can install by following these instructions.

In related news, Star Labs shared today more details on its upcoming StarBook Mk V Linux laptop, which will probably be released in the coming weeks with support for Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo).

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