Star Labs Unveils StarBook Mk VI Linux Laptop with 12th Gen Intel or AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs

StarBook Mk VI

UK-based Linux hardware vendor Star Labs has unveiled today the StarBook Mk VI as the next generation StarBook Linux laptop with 12th Gen Intel “Alder Lake” processors.

While Star Labs is still working hard on the StarFighter Linux notebook, which looks to be the first Linux-powered laptop from Star Labs to feature a 4K display, the company also worked on the next-generation StarBook laptop.

StarBook Mk VI features 12th Gen Intel CPUs, namely the Intel Core i3-1220P with 10 cores and up to 4.40GHz clock speed and Intel Core i7-1260P with 12 cores and up to 4.70GHz clock speed, but you can also order it with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor with 8 cores and up to 4.40GHz clock speed.

“With an upgrade to 12th Generation Intel Core processors, we thought it was only fitting to create the next generation of StarBook,” said Star Labs. “In an effort to ensure that both variants are 100% worth the wait we’ve also added a host of upgraded features.”

StarBook Mk VI promises the same minimalist design as the previous StarBook models and also comes with a 14-inch ARC IPS Full HD (1920×1080) matte display, up to 64 GB of 3200MHz memory, up to 2TB SSD storage, an over-sized trackpad with a glass surface, a backlit keyboard, quad speakers, and open-source Coreboot firmware.

Compared to StarBook Mk V, the new model also features a fingerprint reader, improved speakers, a “heavily” upgraded webcam, an upgraded sound card, better microphones, improved oleophobic coating, as well as improved footpads.

As expected, the StarBook Mk VI laptop can be ordered with a popular GNU/Linux distribution, including Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Kubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS, elementary OS 6.1, Linux Mint 20.3, MX Linux 21.1, Zorin OS 16.1, or Manjaro Linux 21.0.

You can fully configure and pre-order the StarBook Mk VI right now from Star Labs. The price starts from £1,009 pounds or $1,205 USD with a 5% discount that applies automatically while the device is still in production. Estimated dispatch is expected in approximately 5-6 weeks.

Image credits: Star Labs (edited by Marius Nestor)

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