Steam Deck Now Lets You Transfer Games from PC over Your Home Network

The latest software update also introduces mapping for the DualSense Edge wireless controller on Linux.
Steam Deck Transfer Games

Valve released today a new Steam Deck Client stable update that introduces a new feature allowing users to transfer games offline via the local network from their personal computers to Steam Deck or another PC.

The March 15th Steam Deck Client update introduces a new feature called “Local Network Game Transfers,” which promises to allow Steam users to transfer existing Steam games (installation and update files) from one PC to another or from a PC to the Steam Deck over a local area network.

Since the transfer is done locally, users no longer need to download and install the games from a Steam content server over the Internet, which leads to reduced internet traffic and faster game installs or updates. Moreover, users have full control over which files can be sent via Self only (default), Friends only, or Everyone filters.

The new Steam Deck Client update also moves the advanced HDR options to Developer Settings, adds streamable games to the “Ready to play” game filter, adds the ability to retrieve “Steam Runtime System Information” for Linux devices, and improves support for the Logitech F310 controller input on Linux and macOS systems.

In addition, the update adds mapping for the DualSense Edge wireless controller on Linux, which requires the Steam Client to be able to access /dev/hidraw* devices. Some optimizations were also made around the interaction of DualSense adaptive trigger effects with the Bluetooth stack.

The Desktop Mode received several changes in this update, starting with a new UI for account selection at startup, a new “Sign out” option to the main menu, and a new UI that temporarily replaces the “What’s New” section in the Library when pre-purchased games are available to pre-load or install and play. Moreover, the performance of games was improved when using Steam Workshop APIs and multiple bugs were fixed.

Among other noteworthy changes, the new Steam Deck Client update reduces flashing in the background when scrolling through games on the home screen, improves the UI responsiveness when reconnecting to Steam, and adds support for the Sony DualSense Edge controller, including support for remapping of the rear buttons.

Support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller was improved as well, along with support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers’ rumble, support for Razer Wolverine V2 controllers, and support for Xbox Series X controllers connected via the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Also, it’s now possible to reset device input mapping in the new Big Picture mode, as well as to install and uninstall the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver to the new Big Picture controller settings.

Many bugs and crashes were addressed, so check out the release notes for extra reading. Meanwhile, make sure that you update your Steam Deck device to the March 15th Steam Deck Client update as soon as possible to enjoy the new features and enhancements.

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