SuperTux 0.6.3 Arcade Game Arrives Just in Time for Christmas with New Features

SuperTux 0.6.3

After a year and a half of hard work, the SuperTux development team announced today the release of SuperTux 0.6.3 as a hefty new update of their open-source classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game in the style of the Super Mario games.

SuperTux 0.6.3 is here just in time for the Christmas holidays and introduces new features like swimming, wall jumping, new snow tiles, autotiles, new objects (e.g. falling blocks, sideways bumper, etc.), a new rublight object, custom particles, new color picker, as well as in-game progress statistics.

Additionally, the new release introduces an add-on creator to allow you to create add-on packages with your world, adds the ability to skip cutscenes, updates the editor to automatically save your changes at regular intervals, and adds timeshift ambience in the worldmap.

SuperTux 0.6.3 also updates the animations and paths, revamps the Revenge in Redmond worldmap, refreshes many contributed worldmaps, revamps the crystal tileset, updates numerous translations, and adds optional integration with the popuar Discord VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform.

Another interesting change in this update is support for WebAssembly compilation, which allows you to play the SuperTux game directly in a web browser. As a matter of fact, you can play SuperTux 0.6.3 online right now at

You can download SuperTux 0.6.3 right now from the official website, where you’ll find an AppImage binary that you can run on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything on your computer. You can also find official binaries for 32-bit Linux systems, as well as for the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS.

While you will probably enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays by playing SuperTux, the development team will continue to work hard on the next major release, SuperTux 0.7.0, which promises a much-improved story mode, finalized first two worlds, and initial work on the final two worlds.

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