SuperTuxKart 1.2 Released with Better Gamepad Support, New Theme, and More

SuperTuxKart 1.2

The developers of the SuperTuxKart free and open-source kart racing game for announced today the general availability of the SuperTuxKart 1.2 update for Linux, Android and iOS.

Coming almost eight months after version 1.1, SuperTuxKart 1.2 is here to introduce better gamepad support by implementing hotplugging, making remapping easier for players, as well as using the SDL2 (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library instead of Irrlicht for window creation.

This release also introduces a new “Cartoon” theme, a new Kiki kart, an improved online rating system, improved Pidgin and Puffy karts, new tips for the soccer mode, support for viewing basketballs in the minimap, and the ability to use an add-on kart online even if you don’t use it.

Also, players can now resize the game’s window directly in the game, without having to access the options, as well as to customize the game’s camera via new settings.

Networking support has been improved as well in this release by implementing support for IPv6 LAN servers and further improving the creation of servers, both in performance and speed.

Among other noteworthy changes, SuperTuxKart now offers support for high-quality SVG icons, team chat for team games, and an improved tutorial with free-flow racing.

For Android users, the game can now displays a custom splash screen during launch and an improved data extraction progress indicator. On the other hand, iOS users can now create a racing server directly in the game.

Lastly, starting with this release, SuperTuxKart now runs on the Haiku open-source operating system.

A future release will bring Vulkan support, along with a much-improved player experience. Until then, you can download SuperTuxKart 1.2 right now from GitHub, where you’ll find installers for Linux and Android.

Image: SuperTuxKart

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