SuperTuxKart 1.3 Released with New Arenas, New Karts, and GUI Improvements

SuperTuxKart 1.3

SuperTuxKart 1.3 free, open-source, and cross-platform kart racing game has been released today as a major update bringing awesome new features and many improvements.

Coming more than a year after SuperTuxKart 1.2, SuperTuxKart 1.3 is here to introduce two new battle arenas, namely Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth and Alien Signal. While the first is a brand-new dark environment inspired by the Rome Colosseum, the latter was already offered to donators and it’s based on a real location of the SETI program. Both of them support the Capture The Flag (CTF) mode.

New karts are also present in this release, namely the cute Pepper from Pepper&Carrot as a replacement for Sara the Racer, and some of the existing karts received a makeover, such as Gnu, Adiumy, Emule, and Sara the Wizard, which is now known as just Sara.

On top of all these goodies, SuperTuxKart 1.3 introduces a new High Score Selection screen that’s available in a new menu you can access from anywhere to find all your high scores. Previously, the High Score Selection screen was only available in the Track Selection or the Ghost Replay menu.

A nice enhancement in this update is the ability to lower the resolution by up to 50%, which dramatically improves the performance and the frame rates of the game. The new Render resolution setting can be found in the graphics settings screen and it’s enabled by default for Android devices.

Last but not least, SuperTuxKart 1.3 introduces a port for the Nintento Switch handheld, but you will need to have Homebrew installed on your device before attempting to play the game. More details on how to install SuperTuxKart on Switch Homebrew are available in the release notes.

You can download SuperTuxKart 1.3 right now for 32-bit and 64-bit GNU/Linux systems, as well as Android, macOS, and Windows platforms from the project’s GitHub page. The source code is also available for download from the same page for those who want to compile it.

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