System76 Announces Redesigned Linux-Powered Thelio Desktops with Swappable Accents

System76 Thelio

Linux hardware vendor System76 announced today a new line of Thelio desktop computers that feature a full chassis redesign with support for swappable accents.

Thelio is System76’s flagship Linux-powered desktop computer lineup that comes in no less than five different configurations, both internal and external. The Thelio’s current lineup includes the Thelio, Thelio Mira, Thelio Major, Thelio Mega, and Thelio Massive models.

As of today, the Thelio, Thelio Mira, and Thelio Major models are getting a full chassis redesign consisting of a slimmer and sleeker accent panel that replaces the wood veneer wrapped around the chassis in previous models. In addition, the new design lets future Thelio owners enjoy personalized color options depending on their mood, thanks to new swappable accents.

“I was waiting in line for a COVID test and I was staring at the wood trim in my car, wondering how long it would all take. I stared hard enough to the point where I started thinking about the wood-to-metal ratio, and how modern the design felt with only a little bit of wood,” explains System76 CEO Carl Richell when asked where he got the inspiration for the new Thelio design.

Two new accents are available with the new design, including Farout Pink, an energetic shade of pink, as well as one that features an etched design instead of a solid color. The new Thelio redesign also includes a Thelio Accent mnemonic or sound cue to go along with the new panel colors, which you can hear here.

The new Thelio models are available for purchase on System76’s online store. They can be configured to your needs with AMD Ryzen (including Threadripper and Threadripper PRO) or Intel (including XEON) processors, up to 1536GB memory, up to 4 dedicated graphics cards, as well as up to 88TB of storage. Of course, all Thelio models are powered by System76’s in-house built Pop!_OS Linux distribution.

Image credits: System76 (edited by Marius Nestor)

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