System76 Launches Pop!_OS 21.10 with Linux 5.15 LTS, New Application Library

System76's Pop!_OS Linux 21.10

Denver-based Linux hardware vendor System76 launches today the Pop!_OS 21.10 Linux distribution as a major update to their in-house build operating system that promises exciting new features, improvements, and some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies.

Coming almost six months after Pop!_OS 21.04, the Pop!_OS 21.10 release introduces a new Application Library feature for its GNOME-based desktop environment that replaces the big Application Wall window that opened in full-screen when you wanted to search for and open an installed application.

Now, in Pop!_OS 21.10, the Application Library feature, which you can access it from the dock, menu bar, using a 4-finger swipe, or the Super+A keyboard shortcut, will open in a smaller window over the current workspace.

The new Application Library promises a much better desktop experience for Pop!_OS users as it offers improved multi-monitor support by launching it on the display where the mouse cursor is, alphabetical listing for easier access to apps, the ability to drag and drop apps into custom folders, and improved support for ultra-wide monitors.

Another cool new feature of the Pop!_OS 21.10 release is the fact that it ships with the latest and greatest Linux 5.15 LTS kernel series, which not only is supported for the next couple of years, but it also provides users with the most recent technologies and top-notch hardware support.

“Pop!_OS has a new kernel policy whereby the latest kernels will be released once they’ve passed extensive quality assurance tests,” said System76.

The latest NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver is installed as well on the dedicated NVIDIA ISO image, which automatically translates to a much better gaming experience thanks to the new features implemented in Linux kernel 5.15 LTS.

Also worth noting is the ability to detect an existing Pop!_OS installation and prompt users with the improved Refresh OS option prior to unlocking their encrypted drives. The Refresh OS feature comes in handy when you want to upgrade from a previous release without losing the files in your Home folder.

With this release, System76 switched to in-house hosted software repositories, along with a new CI (continuous integration) infrastructure, to ensure an up-to-date and stable Pop!_OS experience for users.

On top of that, the OS upgrade feature has been improved to better handle custom changes to the /etc/fstab file, as well as the ability to update the restore partition and disable user-added PPAs prior to upgrading the OS.

Last but not least, System76 is now supporting Raspberry Pi devices and they’ve launched today the first release of the Pop!_Pi operating system for Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400 models. Here’s our first look!

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