Tails 4.24 Anonymous Linux OS Switches to Tor Browser 11, Improves Tor Connection Wizard

Tails 4.24

The development team behind the Tails amnesic incognito live system have released today Tails 4.24 as the most recent version of this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for anonymous connections.

After a two-day delay, Tails 4.24 is now available for download and ships with the latest and greatest Tor Browser 11.0 anonymous web browser, which is based on the Mozilla Firefox 91 ESR series and brings numerous new features and improvements.

In fact, Tor Browser 11 has not even been officially released, it’s still in alpha development at the moment of writing, but the Tails developers decided to include it as the default web browser in this new release of their amnesic incognito live system.

which also comes with an improved Tor Connection assistant that better explains how to type a bridge, improves the explanation when fixing the clock, improves the time zone selection interface, and removes the mention to local networks when opening the Unsafe Browser.

Also improved in this release is the Tails Installer, which now features a “more scary” confirmation dialog when reinstalling a USB stick that has Persistent Storage, as well as the Tails Upgrader, which now longer eats all your CPU power when getting the download progress information.

Other noteworthy changes include the latest security updates from the Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating systems series, the latest package updates from Debian GNU/Linux 10.11 “Buster,” Linux kernel 5.10.46 LTS, switch to zstd for SquashFS compression in development ISO/USB images, and various bug fixes.

You can download Tails 4.24 right now from the release announcement page, but existing Tails 4.19 to 4.23 users will be automatically upgraded to the new version. A manual upgrade is required for users of Tails 4.14 and earlier versions.

The next release is Tails 4.25, currently scheduled for December 7th, 2021.

Last updated 2 years ago

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