Tails 4.25 Anonymous Linux OS Released with New Backup Tool for Persistent Storage

Tails 4.25

Tails 4.25 amnesic incognito live system (a.k.a. Anonymous OS) is now available for download with a new backup utility for Persistent Storage and updated components.

The monthly Tails releases continue, and Tails 4.25 is here to introduce a brand-new and simple backup utility to help users backup their Persistent Storage from the USB flash drive where they run Tails to another Tails USB stick.

Contributed by David A. Wheeler, the new backup tool offers a graphical interface and automates the process described in the official Tails documentation on how to make a backup of your Persistent Storage via the command line. You can find it under System Tools > Back Up Persistent Storage.

“It’s pretty basic and we still want to do something better, but we didn’t want to wait more because we know that backups are a big issue for our users,” reads the release announcement.

In addition, the Tails 4.25 release updates the GRUB boot loader with a new entry called “Tails (External Hard Disk),” which lets you fire up the anonymous operating system from an external disk drive or one of those USB flash drives that return the Unable to find a medium containing a live file system error when starting Tails.

Also new is a shortcut that lets users restart Tails when they haven’t enabled the Unsafe Browser in the Welcome Screen, as well as a link that points users to the documentation on how to troubleshoot connecting to Tor from the error screen of the new Tor Connection assistant.

Under the hood, the new Tails update is powered by Linux kernel 5.10.70 LTS and ships with various updated components from the Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series, as well as Tor and Tor Browser 11.0.2. Moreover, some display problems in the Unsafe Browser were addressed in this release.

You can download Tails 4.25 right now from the official website as either a USB image or ISO image. If you’re not using Tails live, you can update your installations Tails 4.19 or later using automatic upgrades. The next release, Tails 4.26, is expected next year on January 11th.

Last updated 2 years ago

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