Tails Devs Need Your Help to Test the New Tor Connection Wizard

New Tor Connection

The developers of the privacy and security-focused Tails anonymous Linux OS have put out a call for testing for the new Tor Connection wizard that will be implemented in the upcoming Tails 4.19 release.

With Tails 4.18 out the door last week, it’s time for the Tails devs to focus on the next release, Tails 4.19, which will ship with a brand-new Tor Connection wizard that completely changes the way Tails connects to the Tor network.

Currently, Tails connects to the Tor network automatically, but with the new Tor Connection wizard you’ll be able to choose to connect to the Tor network automatically, configure a Tor bridge, or connect to the Tor network using a safer way when you need to be completely unnoticed to those monitoring your Internet traffic.

And, since this is a brand new feature, they need your help testing it so they can fix as many issues as possible before Tails 4.19 hits the streets in June. For that, they released a beta version of Tails 4.19 you can download and test right now from the official website.

“Over the years, we have identified many issues in how to connect to the Tor network from Tails, thanks to your feedback. With this beta, we are trying to solve the most important and pressing of these issues,” said the devs.

Among the issues they want to tackle, there’s the lack of feeback during the connection to the Tor network, the lack of default Tor bridges, the lack of guidance when Tails isn’t yet connected to the local network, as well as the availability of the configuration screen for Tor bridges for screen reader users.

If you’re willing to give the Tails devs a helping hand, they need you to test various scenarios outlined here.

Tails 4.19 will pave the way to a much improved Tor connection functionality, as the devs plan to add even more features in upcoming releases. These include the ability to save Tor bridges to the Persistent Storage, the ability to detect captive portals, and the ability to better detect when the computer has Wi-Fi hardware that isn’t supported by Tails.

Please keep in mind though that Tails 4.19 is currently in beta testing, so don’t use it for any production work! The final release will be available to the general public on June 1st, 2021.

Last updated 3 years ago

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