TUXEDO Aquaris Announced as First Water Cooling System for Linux Laptops

TUXEDO Aquaris

German-based Linux hardware vendor TUXEDO Computers announced today full Linux support for its TUXEDO Aquaris external water cooling system for Linux laptops.

Earlier this year, when TUXEDO Computers unveiled the TUXEDO Stellaris 15 Gen4 Linux laptop, the hardware vendor also introduced the TUXEDO Aquaris external water cooling system, but at that time it was only supported on TUXEDO Computers’ laptops shipping with the Windows operating system pre-installed.

Of course, TUXEDO Computers promised that they will offer Linux support, and today the hardware vendor announced in-house developed Linux drivers for the TUXEDO Aquaris external water cooling system and integration with the TUXEDO Control Center graphical utility to fully control the cooling system.

“TUXEDO is the first vendor to offer native, external water cooling for Linux notebooks: the TUXEDO Aquaris,” said TUXEDO Computers. “Aquaris supports the conventional air cooling of the notebook, resulting in significantly reduced surface and CPU and GPU temperatures and overall lower system fan noise.”

For now, TUXEDO Aquaris is only supported on the TUXEDO Stellaris 15 Gen4 laptop, but the hardware vendor promises to extend support to more of its Linux notebooks, as well as other Linux laptops in the near future.

The water cooling system is explicitly designed for stationary use, for example on your desk, if you use a laptop full-time. TUXEDO Control Center lets you control the fan speed, with three predefined speeds (Slow (50% speed), Medium (65%) and Fast (80%)), as well as the LED light strip control.

In addition, users will be able to set the fan speed from 0 to 100% via a slider or keyboard input, making the water cooling’s fan control more flexible in Linux systems than under Windows.

TUXEDO Computers also said that the Linux drivers for TUXEDO Aquaris are made freely available to the community, which means that anyone can include and adapt them to their GNU/Linux distribution to provide support for the external water cooling system.

TUXEDO Aquaris can be purchased starting today from the TUXEDO online store for 199 EUR.

Image credits: TUXEDO Computers (edited by Marius Nestor)

Last updated 2 years ago

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