TUXEDO Computers Releases Live ISO of Its Ubuntu-Based TUXEDO OS Linux Distro


German-based Linux hardware vendor TUXEDO Computers announced today in a press release the general availability for download of the very first live ISO image of its in-house built, Ubuntu-based TUXEDO OS Linux distro.

Previously only available pre-installed on the company’s Linux-powered notebooks, TUXEDO OS is now also available for download as an ISO image, just like 99.9% percent of the GNU/Linux distributions on the market.

It took TUXEDO Computers about half a year of work to develop, test, design, and create documentation for the release of the first ISO image of TUXEDO OS, which is a derivative of the Ubuntu operating system featuring the modern and fancy KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Of course, TUXEDO OS is tailored for TUXEDO Computers’ Linux laptops, but you can now give it a try on other PCs if you want to use this Ubuntu derivative. In addition, the live ISO lets existing TUXEDO Computers customers reinstall the operating system in case they want a fresh start or something wrong happens with their installations.

The ISO version of TUXEDO OS also comes with a few special features, such as a live mode that lets you try out the operating system without installing it, individual partitioning so you can install it alongside other OSes, an autorepair function to repair your broken install, one-click-chroot to easily set up a chroot to manually repair a broken install, and WebFAI integration.

“Customers not only receive Linux notebooks and PCs with the best possible Linux support from TUXEDO Computers, but also all drivers pre-installed as well as the company’s own optimized Linux distribution TUXEDO OS based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma desktop,” said TUXEDO Computers.

When asked why yet another Linux distribution, TUXEDO Computers says that TUXEDO OS is mainly designed and tweaked for its Linux laptop customers, but nothing stops you from installing it on your own PC if you want to use this distro.

The latest version is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and features the KDE Plasma 5.25 desktop environment. Compared with Ubuntu, TUXEDO OS ships with PipeWire by default, a custom GRUB bootloader configuration with support for dual-booting, a slightly different software selection, and doesn’t come with Snaps.

To find out more about TUXEDO OS and download the live ISO image, head over to the official website. You can write the ISO image on a USB flash drive to run it live on your PC, but please keep in mind that Secure Boot needs to be disabled in your computer’s UEFI firmware for installation. Also, please note that the ISO also works on a virtual machine.

Image credits: TUXEDO Computers (edited by Marius Nestor)

Last updated 1 year ago

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