TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 Adds New Keyboard Backlight and Webcam Modules

This release also introduces Tomte, a configuration service that automatically detects checks for missing drivers.
TUXEDO Control Center 2.0

Linux hardware vendor TUXEDO Computers exclusively shares with 9to5Linux the release of TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 as the latest version of their in-house control center tool for TUXEDO laptops.

TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 is the culmination of almost two years of work and introduces major changes like new Keyboard Backlight and Webcam modules to let you control the keyboard illumination of your TUXEDO laptop, as well as for changing various settings of your TUXEDO laptop’s built-in webcam.

In more detail, the Keyboard Backlight module will allow you to fully control the backlight brightness and the backlight color of the keyboard. For laptops that have multicolor keyboard illumination, you can also adjust each backlight area individually.

The new Webcam module comes with a pair of settings, Basic and Detailed. From the Basic settings, you will be able to change the brightness, contrast, and resolution of the webcam, while on the Detailed settings you can change color balance, exposure, gamma, saturation, and white balance options. Best of all, you can save these changes as presets!

Another exciting new feature in TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 is the ability to graphically configure the Tomte driver, which is a configuration service that automatically detects your device and checks for missing drivers or required packages. Here, you can choose which of these drivers or packages are to be checked and installed.

Three predefined modes are available for you to choose from, including Full Service, Updates Only, and Disabled. In addition, you can reset Tomte to its default settings.

“Depending on your setting, Tomte takes over all pending tasks for the items you have activated or only takes care of the corresponding updates. If you have selected Disabled, the configuration of the device is entirely up to you,” said TUXEDO Computers.

This release also brings the ability to import and export profiles in the Profiles tab, re-enables the profile editing control panel, and improves fan control settings. The TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 release will be automatically installed on your TUXEDO laptop the next time you update it.

Image credits: TUXEDO Computers

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