Ubuntu Unity 21.10 Released to Keep the Unity7 Desktop Alive in 2021

Ubuntu Unity 21.10

The Ubuntu Unity team released today Ubuntu Unity 21.10 as the latest version of their unofficial Ubuntu flavor featuring the good old Unity desktop environment.

Ubuntu Unity 21.10 is here today as part of the upcoming Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri” release, but Ubuntu Unity still doesn’t have the “official flavor” status. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using this great distribution on your personal computer if you still want to use the Unity desktop environment in 2021.

This release still uses the old Unity7 interface rather than the upcoming UnityX 10 desktop that the Ubuntu Unity team is developing for some time now as the successor of Unity7, which received new and updated indicators, and saw the migration of the glib-2.0 schemas to gsettings-ubuntu-schemas.

Following on the footsteps of Ubuntu Impish Indri, the new Ubuntu Unity release ships with the Mozilla Firefox web browser as a Snap package by default. This change promises to offer users better security due to the sandboxing format of the Snap packages, and guaranteed access to the latest releases as soon as they’re available upstream.

Other noteworthy changes include a new Plymouth boot splash screen, a new simplified logo, and several new wallpapers. This release uses the beautiful Yaru Unity Dark theme by default with the Yaru Unity icons.

Ubuntu Unity 21.10

In other news, the Ubuntu Unity devs are are still working hard on an open-source alternative to the Snap Store called LOL, which is not installed in this release. They also recently published the ISO builder used to build Ubuntu Unity for anyone who wants to build a new Ubuntu Remix distro.

“It’s really simple to build with and we built an Ubuntu remix with it live on UbuCon Asia within 15 minutes. You shouldn’t face any issues with the GPG key files for a PPA unlike lb when building your own flavor of Ubuntu,” reads the release announcement.

If you still love the Unity7 desktop and want to use it on your personal computer, you can download Ubuntu Unity 21.10 right now from the official website or by clicking the direct download link below. Those using Ubuntu Unity 21.04 will have to perform a fresh install if they want to upgrade their installations.

Last updated 2 years ago

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