Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS Released with Flatpak and Flathub Support, New Default Apps

Ubuntu Unity 22.04

Ubuntu Unity maintainer Rudra Saraswat announced today the release and general availability of the Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS distribution as part of today’s release of Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish.

Based on the upstream Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release, Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS is the successor to Ubuntu Unity 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) and the second long-term support release of this unofficial Ubuntu flavor featuring the good old Unity 7 desktop environment.

The biggest new feature of this new Ubuntu Unity release is support for Flatpak apps enabled by default. The Flathub repository is installed so you can install any Flatpak apps you want instead of native apps from the Ubuntu repositories. Also, the gtk3-nocsd issue has been fixed in this release.

Another interesting change is the fact that the default software selection was changed in this release, dropping GNOME apps in favor of MATE apps for a more lightweight experience and to better fit with Unity’s UI.

As such, Evince document viewer was replaced with Atril, Gedit text editor was replaced with Pluma, Totem video player was replaced with VLC, Eye of GNOME image viewer was replaced with EOM, and GNOME System Monitor was replaced with MATE System Monitor.

Other than that, there are no more separate BIOS and UEFI ISOs. Users can now use the same ISO to install Ubuntu Unity on old computers with legacy BIOS or newer machines with UEFI firmware.

Last but not least, Ubuntu Unity follows in the footsteps of the rest of the official Ubuntu flavors to adopt the Firefox Snap by default since the Ubuntu developers no longer provide a native package in the main archives.

You can download Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS right now from the official website if you want to install it on your personal computer. Upgrades from previous versions are not possible at this time.

Like the rest of the official Ubuntu flavors, this new Ubuntu Unity LTS release will also be supported for three years with software and security updates, until April 2025. The first point release, Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 is planned for August/September 2022.

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