UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 Released with Latest Deepin Desktop Environment

UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10

The developers of the UbuntuDDE Remix distribution announced today the release of UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 as the latest version of this unofficial Ubuntu flavor featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

Based on the Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) operating system release, UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 is powered by the same kernel as upstream, Linux 5.13, and features the latest Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and related software packages available at the moment of writing.

In addition, UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 comes with an updated DDE Store to version 1.2.3 for a better package management experience, the Calamares graphical installer to make the installation of the distribution easier, as well as updated artwork from both the Ubuntu 21.10 and Deepin Linux distributions.

It also includes several major bug fixes from the upstream Deepin Linux distribution, as well as fixes for some major issue present in previous versions, such as the black screen freeze when trying to login and Snap volumes showing in the File Manager.

“I would like to thank our beautiful community and our generous donors, patrons, sponsors, supporters and well-wishers for motivating and supporting us through out the cycle,” said Arun Kumar Pariyar, Project Lead, UbuntuDDE Remix.

Of course, most of the pre-installed applications have been updated to their latest versions from the Ubuntu 21.10 repositories, including Mozilla Firefox 95.0.1 as default web browser and LibreOffice as default office suite.

Just like Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri), UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 is only supported for the nine months. However, considering the fact that this unofficial flavor arrives two and a half months after the upstream release, it will be supported until the end of September 2022.

If you want to experience the beauty of the Deepin Desktop Environment on an Ubuntu base, you can download the latest release of the UbuntuDDE Remix flavor right now from the official website or by clicking the direct download below. If you just want to see it in action, check out my first look video below!

Last updated 2 years ago

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