Unity 7.6 Released as the First Major Update to Ubuntu’s Unity7 Desktop in 6 Years

Unity 7.6 Desktop

Ubuntu Unity and Unity desktop maintainer Rudra Saraswat released today Unity 7.6 as the first major update to Ubuntu’s old desktop environment in the last few years.

The last release of the Unity7 desktop environment was back in May 2016, when Ubuntu was still using Unity, but the community never let it die. Rudra Saraswat, who is known for many Open Source projects, as well as the maintainer of the unofficial Ubuntu Unity Remix flavor, is also involved in keeping Unity7 alive.

Since this is the first major release in the last six years, you can imagine that it packs a bunch of new features, starting with a redesigned dash (app launcher) and HUD to look more modern and slick featuring a flat style, improved dash rounded corners, as well as support for accent colors to Unity and Unity Control Center.

“Unity 7.6 will be the first major release of Unity in 6 years (the last release was in May 2016). We have restarted the active development of Unity7 and will be releasing new versions with more features regularly,” said Rudra Saraswat.

Also improved in the Unity 7.6 release is the Info panel in Unity Control Center, the ‘Empty Trash’ button in the dock to make use of Cinnamon’s Nemo file manager rather than GNOME’s Nautilus (Files), and the dock’s menus and tooltips received a fresh coat of paint to look more modern.

Moreover, the developers improved the low graphics mode to make the Unity Dash faster and lowered the RAM usage to about 700-800 MBs to make your entire Unity7 desktop experience smoother.

Of course, various bugs were fixed including the broken info and ratings for apps in the Unity Dash preview, as well as the standalone testing of the Unity7 launcher. More details are available in the release announcement.

If you want to use the Unity 7.6 desktop environment, you can install it right now on your Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS operating system by running the commands below in the Terminal app. Please note that this release is only available to Ubuntu Unity users and you can’t install it on other Ubuntu flavors.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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