Ventoy 1.0.80 Adds Secondary Boot Menu, Now Supports More Than 1000 ISOs

Ventoy 1.0.80

Multiboot USB creator Ventoy has been updated today to version 1.0.80, a major release that bumps the supported ISOs to over 1000 and also brings several new features and improvements.

Ventoy 1.0.80 is here almost two months after version 1.0.79 and it’s a big milestone for the popular multiboot USB creator utility as the number of supported ISO files reached and passed beyond the 1000 mark. Yes, you’re reading that right, Ventoy now supports more than 1000 ISOs and that’s a huge thing!

On top of that, the Ventoy 1.0.80 release introduces several new features like a secondary boot menu that makes it easier for users to select Ventoy’s special modes, such as WIMBOOT mode, GRUB2 mode, or MEMDISK mode. Previously, these modes were only accessible via hotkeys, which are still in effect.

Taking about modes, the WIMBOOT mode has been updated in this release to support WinPE ISO files, support the Injection plugin, as well as to better handle large ISOs. Moreover, both the WIMBOOT and GRUB2 modes received the w and r hotkeys in addition to the Ctrl+w and Ctrl+r keyboard shortcuts for accessing the modes.

Among other noteworthy changes, the Ventoy 1.0.80 release brings support for the HoloISO (SteamOS 3 clone for desktop computers), improves support for booting the latest ALT Linux and Gentoo live ISOs, fixes a bug that occurred when the ISO file contained a ks=file:/xxx boot parameter, and switches to /bin/bash for launching the script.

The Ventoy 1.0.80 release is available for download right now from the official website as a live ISO image that you can write on a USB flash drive or a binary archive that you can install and run on your GNU/Linux distribution to create multiboot USB drives. In addition, you’ll also find a binary for the Windows operating system and the source code.

Image credits: Ventoy

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