Ventoy Multiboot USB Creator Adds Support for Fedora CoreOS, More Than 940 ISOs

Ventoy Multiboot USB

The popular and powerful Ventoy multiboot USB creator utility has been updated today to version 1.0.79, a stable release that adds support for new ISOs and various bug fixes.

The big news in Ventoy 1.0.79 is support for Fedora CoreOS, a minimal Linux distribution developed by the Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat after they acquired the CoreOS Linux project back in January 2018. This bumps the total officially supported ISOs to more than 940.

The Ventoy 1.0.79 release also comes with several bug fixes to address a bug that occurred when Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based distributions used an external kickstart file, a bug that made the VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option to have no effect in openSUSE Linux, as well as a bug that broke the autosel option.

Also fixed is a bug discovered in the Ventoy2Disk.gtk file that made its reserved space incapable of containing digit 9 and a bug where a repository wasn’t located when installing Kylin Server v10 SP2.

Other than that, Ventoy 1.0.79 rolls back the Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk utility to version 3.3, updates the vtoyboot utility to version 1.0.24, which fixes an error when grub2-editenv was running after booting vdisk, and updates the languages.json file to support more languages.

If you rely on Ventoy to create multiboot USB disks, you can download version 1.0.79 either as a binary for 64-bit GNU/Linux distributions or Windows systems, or as a live ISO image from the official website.

Even if it’s an open-source and free project, Ventoy introduced a premium subscription service of $19 USD/year in May 2022 with the 1.0.72 release. The Ventoy subscription service targets users who want to enjoy an exclusive forum, customized documentation, professional technical support, specific ISO support, or to have access to new versions before anybody else and to the Ventoy roadmap. More details are available here.

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