Ventoy Now Supports More Than 900 ISOs, Enables Secure Boot by Default

Ventoy ISOs

The very popular bootable USB creation utility Ventoy has been updated today to version 1.0.76, a release that introduces support for new ISOs, new features, and various improvements.

Ventoy 1.0.76 is the latest release of this powerful and beloved multiboot USB creator, which finally enables the Secure Boot support option by default when installing Ventoy on your USB flash drive. In addition, this release improves key enrolling for Secure Boot with Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk 3-3.

In addition, the new release adds support for the recently launched EasyOS 4.0 experimental GNU/Linux distribution based on various Puppy Linux technologies, along with support for resizing the EasyOS partition during the first boot.

Among other changes, Ventoy 1.0.76 adds support for the Stratodesk NoTouch thin client endpoint OS, enables the automatic use of the memdisk/grub2/wimboot mode if the ISO’s file name contains a special identifier, updates various language translations, and fixes a bug that occurred when booting the linux vdisk (.vtoy) file in Legacy BIOS mode with F2 or ventoy_grub.cfg.

For additional details on the changes included in this update, you should visit the release notes. If you want to update Ventoy to version 1.0.76 or you’ve just heard of this tool and you want to give it a try, you’ll find download links on the project’s GitHub page.

Ventoy comes as a binary tarball that you can install on your GNU/Linux distribution or as a live ISO image that needs to be written on a USB flash drive where you can just put the ISO images you want to boot. Ventoy now supports more than 900 ISOs.

Last updated 2 years ago

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