Vivaldi 3.2 Launches for Android and Chromebooks with Privacy Improvements, New Features

Vivaldi 3.2 Android Chromebooks

Vivaldi Technologies released today the latest Vivaldi 3.2 web browser for Android and Chromebooks, a release that brings enhancements to the built-in privacy options and adds new UI features.

Last week, Vivaldi 3.2 was released for desktops, including Linux, Mac, and Windows, but it’s now also available on mobile devices powered by Google’s Android operating system, as well as Chromebooks.

While on the desktop the new Vivaldi release introduced a new mute button for the Picture-in-Picture feature and a few other improvements to various parts of the browser, on mobile the new version comes with improvements to the existing privacy options.

Yes, I’m talking here about the built-in Tracker and Ad Blocker feature, which lets you have more privacy browsing sessions by limiting the number of web trackers and ads displayed on a website that you’re visiting.

In Vivaldi 3.2, the integrated Tracker and Ad Blocker feature now lets users enable more blocking lists, add their own custom lists, as well as to select a country-specific list.

The new privacy features in Vivaldi 3.2 for Android and Chromebooks can be enabled by going into Privacy > Tracker and Ad Blocking > Manage Tracker Blocking Sources and Manage Ad Blocking Sources. There, as you can see from the screenshot below, you can enable or disable blocking lists or upload your own.

And, as you can see from the image above, Vivaldi 3.2 for Android and Chromebooks also improves the tab functionality by moving various elements to the bottom of the user interface. These allow users to more easily switch between open tabs, private tabs, recently closed tabs, as well as synced tabs with just one hand.

On top of that, the Tab Strip feature has been renamed to Tab Bar, the background theme for Speed Dials now automatically changes to dark mode, Sync Settings will now display the user’s profile picture when logged in, and the landscape browsing mode and “copy to note” feature received improvements to work better.

You can download Vivaldi 3.2 for phones and tablets powered by Android 5 or later, as well as Chromebooks that support Android apps, right now from Google Play Store.

Images: Vivaldi Technologies

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