VLC 3.0.10 Released with Support for SMB2/3 Shares, Many Improvements

VLC 3.0.10

VideoLAN have released today VLC 3.0.10 as the ninth update in the latest VLC 3.0 “Vetinari” series of the popular, open-source and cross-platform media player used by millions of users.

VLC 3.0.10 looks to be a significant update that introduces support for SMB2/3 shares so you can watch movies from more Samba shares across your local network.

Furthermore, the update improves the adaptive streaming support, adds various improvements to the MP4 format, and improves DVD support by addressing several issues.

The Twitch and VLSub scripts have been updated as well in this release, which also addresses several security issues, most notably various DOSes discovered recently in the microDNS service discovery.

VideoLAN also mentioned the fact that a dozen more issues were fixed in this update, though it did not yet provide any details in the changelog about them. Most probably these are performance and stability improvements.

For macOS users, this release adds better support for macOS 10.15 Catalina operating system series, along with improvements to video rendering.

VLC 3.0.10 is available for download as a source tarball right now from the official website for OS integrators and advanced Linux users who fancy compiling their own software.

For everyone else, you should be able to install VLC 3.0.10 from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution in the coming days. Just keep an eye on the software updater.

Last updated 4 years ago

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