VLC 3.0.17 Improves HW Decoding for AMD GPUs, Adds Support for DTS LBR and DAV Files

VLC 3.0.17

The VideoLAN project released today VLC 3.0.17 as a new stable update in the 3.0 series of this powerful, popular, free, open-source, and cross-platform media player for GNU/Linux, Android, macOS, and Windows systems.

VLC 3.0.17 is here about nine months after VLC 3.0.16 to introduce several new features, including support for the DTS-HD LBR (Low Bit Rate) decoder, support for the new FOURCC for the AV1, E-AC3, and GeoVision decoders, support for DAV video files, WebP image mapping, as well as support for uncompressed audio in MP4 files (ISO/IEC 23003-5).

This release also brings numerous improvements, such as better hardware decoding for some AMD GPU drivers, improved playback of live AV1 streams, improved support for VP9 streams, improved AudioCD support (audio/data mixed mode, MusicBrainz), improved support for subtitles using the tx3g codec in MP4 tracks, improved HTTP2 memory usage, as well as improved AVCapture and SRT modules.

VLC 3.0.17 also fixes the missing audio start of Opus audio in MKV and WebM containers, improves SMB (Samba) file sharing compatibility by changing the read size, addresses a regression in the parsing of secondary source MRLs, fixes an infinite loop in MP4, fixes extraction of attachments from OGG files, and addresses some lip sync issue in rare MPEG-TS streams.

Among other noteworthy changes, VLC 3.0.17 revamps the adaptive streaming stack, adds support for the FFmpeg 4.4 open-source multimedia framework, improves UPnP compatibility with some servers, improves search in Preferences and fixes the --no-mouse-events option in the Qt interface, updates the YouTube script, and fixes parsing of the Icecast directory to prevent entries from disappearing.

For the Android platform, this release revamps the audio volume management. Under the hood, VLC 3.0.17 comes with lots of updated core components, including but not limited to AOM 3.1.1 encoder, dav1d 0.9.2, FriBidi 1.0.11, FreeType 2.11.1, libarchive 3.6.0, libass 0.15.2, libnfs 5.0.1, libsrt 1.4.4, mpg123 1.29.3, and TwoLAME 0.4.0.

In addition, the libsmb2 library has been updated to address invalid UTF-8 encoding of some filenames, and the TagLib library was updated too to fix corruptions that occurred when editing metadata of some OGG files.

You can download VLC 3.0.17 right now from the official website as a source tarball that you’ll have to compile or you can wait for the new version to arrive in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. You can also install VLC 3.0.17 as a Flatpak from Flathub.

Update 12/03/22: VLC and were released to fix right-click support on video in the Qt-based interface, update the YouTube script again, and address a regression that caused the lack of audio in adaptive streaming. Make sure to update your VLC 3.0.17 installations to the latest release when it lands in the stable repos of your distro or from Flathub.

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