VLC 3.0.19 Improves AV1 HDR Support with Software Decoding, Fixes Linux Issues

This release also introduces Super Resolution scaling with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs.
VLC 3.0.19

The popular VLC Media Player open-source media player software has been updated to version 3.0.19, a release that comes almost a year after VLC 3.0.18 with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Highlights of the VLC 3.0.19 release include improved AV1 HDR support with software decoding, support for RIFF INFO tags for WAV audio files, improved support for AVI files with flipped RAW video planes, improved crunchyroll-produced SSA rendering, and Super Resolution scaling with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs.

It also improves muxing timestamps in several formats, improves the handling of FFmpeg-muxed MP4 chapters, improves the playback for QNap-produced AVI files and some old RealVideo files, and implements MPRIS TrackList signals.

This release also fixes YouTube playback, GoPro MAX spatial metadata, HLS/TS streams with ID3 prefix, HLS playlist refresh drift, next-frame freezing, a FLAC playback quality regression with variable frame size, AAC handling, rawvid video in NV12, GOOM visualization, as well hardware decoding on D3D11 and OpenGL.

The list of fixes continues with a fix for the duration on short and small Ogg/Opus files, a fix for duration probing on some MP4 with missing information, a fix for an issue when playing -90°rotated videos, and a fix for black screen issues on poorly edited MP4 files on Android Mediacodec.

It also brings better support for some AV1 GBRP streams, AV1 super-resolution streams, and AV1 monochrome streams, improves the opening of files in read-only mode, and fixes memory leaks when using the media_list_player libVLC APIs.

For Linux users, VLC 3.0.19 fixes some MPRIS inconsistencies that broke OS widgets, fixes password search when using the Kwallet backend, and fixes some rendering issues with the full-screen controller.

Under the hood, VLC 3.0.19 comes with updated components, including FFmpeg, libvpx (to address CVE-2023-5217), ebml, dav1d, libass, and zlib 1.2.13 (to address CVE-2022-37434).

Last but not least, this release adds new translations for the Burmese, Esperanto, Interlingue, Lao, Macedonian, Odia, Samoan, and Swahili languages. You can download VLC 3.0.19 right now from here, but you’ll have to compile it from sources.

Last updated 6 months ago

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