Wine 5.1 Released with Overwatch and Darksiders Improvements

Wine 5.1

The Wine 5.1 development release is now available for download as the first step towards the next major version of the open-source compatibility layer for running Windows programs on Linux-based operating systems.

Wine 5.1 comes almost two weeks after the release of Wine 5.0, a major version that introduced support for the latest Vulkan 1.1 graphics API for better gaming performance, the re-implementation of the XAudio2 low-level audio API, support for multi-monitor configurations, as well as built-in modules in PE (Portable Executable) format.

Wine 5.1 is here not as the first point release to the Wine 5.0 series, but as the first development release probably towards the Wine 6.0 milestone, which hasn’t yet been confirmed at the moment of writing. Therefore, Wine 5.1 fixes numerous issues reported since the release of Wine 5.0.

Highlights include support for using LLVM-MinGW as a Portable Executable cross-compiler, various improvements to OLE monikers, improved reporting of error location in VBScript and JScript, the ability to relocate the installation of the Winelib tools, and the implementation of ellipse drawing in Direct2D.

More than 360 changes are included in Wine 5.1 compared to Wine 5.0, improving support for several Windows games like Continuum 0.40,, Darksiders, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Industry Giant 2 Demo, Overwatch, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Sniper Elite V2, Star Wars: Starfighter, and Warframe.

Additionally, it improves support for various Windows apps, among which there’s 3D Analyzer, Acrobat Reader DC 2015, Aruba Key, DTS MAster Audio Suite Encoder, Home Designer Suite, Logos 8, MindManager Pro 7.0, Paint.Net 4.*, PlayChess v7, QuickTime 7.0.x, Speccy 1.30, and The Magic School Bus Explores The Solar System.

You can find more details about the changes included in Wine 5.1 on the release announcement, from where you can also download the source tarball if you want to compile it on your GNU/Linux distributions. However, I don’t recommend using a development version of Wine, unless you know what you’re doing.

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