Xfce’s Apps Update for January 2022: New Releases of Ristretto, CPU Freq Plugin, and More

Xfce's Apps January 2022

The January 2022 issue of my exclusive “Xfce’s Apps Update” monthly roundup is out now and it’s packed with news about some of your favorite Xfce applications, plugins, and tools.

January 2022 has been another slow month for Xfce apps development, but we got a new release of the Ristretto image viewer, version 0.12.2, which added support for shared thumbnail repositories, revamped queue management and thumbnail flavor support to the thumbnaile component.

Ristretto 0.12.2 also improves support for the Flatpak universal binary format for those who want to install it as a Flatpak app, cleans up and simplifies thumbnail sizes, fixes and completes file change monitoring, addresses a multi-threading issue on X11, and adds various performance optimizations.

Also released in January 2022 is the CPU Freq plugin 1.2.6 for the Xfce4 panel, a release that migrates the source code from C to C++, a major change that promises to increase type-safety, add support for using reference counting and containers for semi-automatic memory management, as well as to slightly improve source code readability.

The Indicator plugin (xfce4-indicator-plugin) for the Xfce4 panel received a new version too, 2.4.1, which removes the ‘No Indicators’ placeholder button, and adds a few code optimizations.

On the other hand, the Tumbler D-Bus thumbnailing service used by many apps, including the Thunar file manager and Ristretto image viewer, received a major release towards the Xfce 4.18 desktop environment that adds support for thumbnail sizes x-large and xx-large, support for shared thumbnail repositories of the freedesktop.org thumbnail specification, a systemd user service for the D-Bus session services, the ability to override thumbnailer configuration in desktop files, and various performance improvements.

That’s it for my exclusive Xfce’s Apps Update roundup for January 2022. For more details about the changes included in the new app releases presented in this roundup, you can always visit the official mailing list here. Meanwhile, make sure that you update your Xfce installations to receive the newest versions of the apps.

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