Xfce’s Apps Update for September 2021: New Releases of Thunar, Mousepad, Whisker Menu

Xfce’s apps September 2021

The September 2021 issue of my exclusive “Xfce’s Apps Update” roundup is here and it’s packed with great news about some of your favorite Xfce apps.

While we skipped August because of the summer holidays, the month of September 2021 brought some great releases, starting with the awesome Thunar file manager, which received not one but two maintenance updates, up to version 4.16.10.

While Thunar 4.16.9 introduced support for using the move action when dragging files of different users, the ability to open the correct folder when middle-clicking in tree-view, fixes a issue where a folder was missing in history when it was opened in a new tab, and disabled automatic queueing of file transfers, Thunar 4.16.10 only addressed a regression that could crash the file manager when using the clipboard.

The Whisker Menu alternate application launcher for Xfce has been updated as well in September, to version 2.6, a release that adds an option to disable sorting of categories and fixes a handful of bug, including the resize when using the Metacity window manager, invalid desktop files when hiding apps, as well as support for showing focused launcher when searching.

Xfce’s apps update for September 2021 bring good news for the Mousepad lightweight text editor, which has been updated to version 0.5.7, a release that improves trash can management, makes CSD (client-side decorations) support consistent with other Xfce windows, allows drag and drop on selections in the text view and of broken links, and adds compatibility with the Freedesktop.org standard for file naming.

Furthermore, Mousepad 0.5.7 is here to prevent the disabling of highlighting when regex search is also disabled, block the “Externally Modified” warning that was prompted when saving a deleted file via a symlink, update the read-only status when changing or validating the location of a file, fix monitoring of files opened through a symlink, and add monitoring of broken links.

The Catfish handy file searching tool has been updated as well in September, to version 4.16.3, a minor release that only updates the “Searching…” cursor, adds symbolic link icons and improves icon updating, and fixes syntax, full-text zip search, special files, and sidebar background color. The libxfce4ui library was updated too to make Xfce 4.16 more reliable and stable for you.

During the month of September, the Xfce devs continued their work on the next major release of the popular and lightweight desktop environment, Xfce 4.18, with two new maintenance updates of the Thunar file manager that introduce cool new features like optional checksum verification on copy, usage of *.partial~ on copy until the copy process finishes, completely revamped File-Search mode, and support for shared thumbnails, as well as the first development release of the xfce4-appfinder Xfce application finder program.

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