Xfce’s Apps Updates for January 2021 Brings Improvements to Mousepad, Thunar, and More

Xfce 4.16

The Xfce’s Apps updates for January 2021 is here with many improvements, bug fixes, and updated translations for your favorite Xfce apps, core components, and plugins.

January has been a great month for users of the Xfce 4.16 desktop environment, who received a much-improved window manager with better support for AMD/Radeon machines when using the AMDGPU driver, support for interactive resizing of windows via any keyboard modifier, and the ability to untile windows before entering full-screen mode so that the apps can fill the entire screen.

The Mousepad simple text editor for Xfce appears to be the star of the month with many new features and improvements, including new “Viewer Mode” toggle and “Delete Line” action, the ability to display the current encoding in the status bar, support for selecting the encoding of the file in the “Open” and “Save As” dialogs, file monitoring support, as well as the ability to make the automatic addition of the last EOL character configurable.

Mousepad 0.5.2 – Image courtesy of XFCE Nation

Also improved in January 2021 was the Catfish search tool, which now supports fulltext for searching files with UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16 BE/LE, and UTF-32 BE/LE encodings, and uses the “match all” method for fulltext search.

The Thunar file manager has been updated as well with the ability to always create new files and folders in the current directory and a fix for a regression causing the “Open with other application” context menu entry to not appear on some files, such as WebP images.

Other than that, the Xfce Panel received various improvements to the launcher, pager, statustray, and windowmenu extensions, and the Xfce Screensaver, and the Indicator, Stopwatch, and Status Notifier plugins are now fully compatible with Xfce 4.16. Also, the Whisker Menu received a couple of bug fixes.

Moreover, the Xfce4 Cpufreq plugin received numerous bug fixes to make it work better and crash less, along with the ability to display the actual governor instead of the “current” one, and the Xfce4 CPUGraph plugin can now repaint and scale CPU load history according to the current update interval, properly initialize current usage bars, and display timestamps for the CPU load history.

Last but not least, the GTK3 port of the Xfce4 Notes plugin continues in the background, while GTK+2 support was removed, and the plugin now supports even more link formats, not only HTTP ones.

To receive Xfce’s apps updates for January 2021, make sure your GNU/Linux distribution is up to date at all times and that it provides you with all the latest versions of these packages. For more details on the changes implemented throughout January 2021, you can study the full changelogs here (thanks to Xfce Nation for the link and screenshots!).

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