Zorin OS 16 Education Launches with New Educational Apps, System Improvements

Zorin OS 16 Education

The Zorin OS team announced today the release and general availability of the Education and Education Lite editions of the latest and greatest Zorin OS 16 operating system series.

The Zorin OS 16 Education edition comes pre-loaded with all sorts of educational software and learning tools, and it targets pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, as well as any other educational environment that wants to install a free and Open Source operating system on their computers.

Leveraging all the new features and enhancements shipped in Zorin OS 16, the Education edition includes several new educational apps, such as the powerful Kolibri app that gives you instant access to a huge, ready-to-download library of educational content like books, videos, and interactive lessons in different languages.

Some of the content can be accessed even without an Internet connection, and you can also import educational materials from external media to update Kolibri’s knowledge base on your network of computers for offline use.

Also new is the Minder powerful mind-mapping app, Foliate simple and modern e-book viewer, OpenBoard interactive whiteboard for classrooms, as well as Minuet music education software.

Of course, there are numerous other educational apps included in this release, which can be used at home or at school to help you prepare with the skills and knowledge needed to be college- and career-ready.

“With this release, we focused on providing a more compelling educational platform that adapts to your learning environment, whether you’re in the classroom or at home, with or without Internet access,” said Artyom Zorin, CEO & Co-Founder.

Two variants are available for download and your needs, Education and Education Lite. While the Education variant ships with more modern, yet resource demanding GNOME desktop environment, the Education Lite variant features the more lightweight Xfce desktop environment, which makes it suitable for older, low-spec PCs from 15 years ago.

You can see a preview of Zorin OS 16 Education in the video below, and you can download both the Education and Education Lite variants right now for free from the official website.

Last updated 2 years ago

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