Collabora’s Contributions to Linux Kernel 5.7

Collabora Linux Kernel 5.7

Collabora’s contributions to Linux kernel continue even during the COVID-19 crisis. The team has outlined today their contributions to the latest Linux 5.7 kernel series.

Released last week by Linus Torvalds, Linux kernel 5.7 is here with a new and improved exFAT file system implementation, ARM64 Kernel Pointer Authentication, a new BPF-based Linux Security Module, new features for x86 CPUs, improved perf cgroup profiling, and much more.

As usual, Collabora had an important part of the Linux kernel 5.7 development, adding much-needed encoding improvements to the Hantro JPEG driver, more work around the runtime bus format negotiation between elements of a DRM bridge chain, and support of automatic loading of i3c modules.

They also addressed various bugs in the Virtual Media Controller Driver (VIMC) and Rockchip ISP V1 (rkisp1) driver, converted more Device Tree bindings to YAML, further improved support for Chrome OS devices, and added a trace event for the DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) scheduler.

Another cool new contribution in the DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) component is getfb2 ioctl, which enables support for handoff of compressed buffers between sessions, support for some advanced formats enabled by buffer modifiers, as well as support for multiple buffer handles.

“Some display servers such as Xorg implement a smooth handoff between different user sessions, by capturing the existing user content into their own session and transitioning to the new content. The same method can be used by more advanced clients to implement effects like a crossfade between different session content,” said Collabora.

Minor changes were also made to the ALSA System on Chip (ASoC) layer, Device Mapper, Device Tree, Hantro VPU driver, HID (Human Interface Devices), Panfrost graphics driver, as well as User Mode Linux. For more details on all of Collabora’s contributions to Linux kernel 5.7, check out their in-depth blog post.

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