Darktable 3.8.1 Released with Faster Heal Tool, New Noise Profiles, and Many Bug Fixes

Darktable 3.8.1

Darktable 3.8.1 has been released today as a bugfix update and the first point release in the darktable 3.8 series of this open-source, free, and cross-platform RAW image editor for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Coming one and a half months after darktable 3.8, this release speeds up the retouch’s heal tool by using better parallelism, adds noise profiles for the Canon EOS D60 and Samsung NX1000 digital cameras, adds support for the Spanish and Dutch languages for the documentation, and fixes numerous bugs.

Darktable 3.8.1 also adds a large red message that will prompt users when their digital cameras have missing samples, which you can upload at https://raw.pixls.us/. Moreover, this point release re-adds support for the cameras that were removed in version 3.8, but only for a short period of time.

“If you see such a message this means that your camera is missing samples. If you do nothing, support will be removed for good in the next major darktable release,” explained the developers.

Other than that, darktable 3.8.1 improves handling of unknown DNG illuminant profiles, adds missing variable substitutions in the displayed list, restores the keyboard shortcut for creating a virgin duplicate in the Lighttable view, and adds an option to enter the new module instance name automatically when duplicating a preset.

The GUI for the copy/paste actions for history items has been revamped, as well as the history items on thumbnail tooltips. Moreover, this release adds a better layout for the star and rejected icons, and allows presets in the tagging module to append the tags rather than replacing them.

As mentioned before, lots of bugs were fixed to improve the overall functionality of darktable, including importing from SMB shares mounted using gvfs, writing of XMP metadata in the AVIF format, demosaicer support with AMD OpenCL drivers, handling of circle/ellipse sources in the retouch module, and much more.

Check out the full release notes for more details on the changes included in darktable 3.8.1, which you can download right now from the project’s GitHub page or the official website.

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