GNOME 3.38.6 Desktop Environment Released with Various Bug Fixes

GNOME 3.38.6

The GNOME Project release today GNOME 3.38.6 as the sixth maintenance update to the GNOME 3.38 desktop environment series, addressing various bugs and updating translations.

Coming one and a half months after GNOME 3.38.5, the GNOME 3.38.6 point release is here to update the Epiphany web browser with the ability to allow launching of external URLs when triggered by user action, as well as to update the File Roller archive manager to skip files with symlinks in parents.

It also fixes a huge CPU consumption bug in the Gedit text editor, which occurred when a folder with content is deleted in the filebrowser plugin. In addition, Gedit now uses the current document path when opening a new file to address a regression introduced in a previous version.

The GNOME Music app received a bunch of bug fixes as well, fixing disc label color, crashes that occurred when adding songs to favorites or when creating a playlist that contained a quotation mark, the ability to delete a playlist with a key, the buggy play bar after end of a playlist, the removal of a song from a playlist, updating of the user playlist list after adding new songs, as well as album view selection by the stack switcher on launch.

Among other noteworthy changes, the GNOME 3.38.6 point release improves support for /dev/rfkill with newer kernels, fixes a crash that occurred when atime wasn’t present, prevents automatic logout when it’s not appropriate, and only displays notifications about low battery for external devices once.

This update should soon be available in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution if you’re still using the GNOME 3.38 desktop environment series, which will be supported for a few more months. All users are urged to update as soon as possible for a more stable and reliable experience.

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