Mozilla Firefox 78 Enters Beta with Updated Minimal Linux System Requirements

Mozilla Firefox 78 beta

While we’re still waiting for the final Firefox 77 release to be announced later today, Mozilla already updated the beta channel to the upcoming Firefox 78 release.

Slated for release at the end of this month, the Firefox 78 web browser will boast updated minimal system requirements for GNU/Linux systems.

Therefore, to be able to deploy or install Mozilla Firefox 78 on a GNU/Linux distribution, this will have to ship with GNU libc 2.17, GTK 3.14, and libstdc++ 4.8.1 or newer versions.

Distros that don’t meet these minimal system requirements won’t be able to offer the latest Firefox release to their users, but I’m guessing most distributions out there include them.

Other noteworthy changes included in the upcoming Firefox 78 release are the ability to open downloaded PDF files directly in the web browser via a new option.

For web developers, Firefox 78 features a new RegExp engine in SpiderMonkey that adds support for the dotAll flag, lookbehind references, named captures, and Unicode escape sequences.

A first Mozilla Firefox 78 beta version is now available for public testing if you want to get an early taste of the new features and improvements. However, keep in mind not to install it on a production machine.

The final Firefox 78 release is expected to hit the street on June 30, 2020, with even more new features and changes, as well as security fixes that will be revealed on release day.

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