NeoChat 1.2 Released with Bubbles, Inline Replies, Account Switcher, and Much More

NeoChat 1.2

KDE developer and NeoChat maintainer Carl Schwan announced today the general availability of NeoChat 1.2, a new major release of this open-source, free, and mobile friendly Matrix chat client.

Coming about three months after NeoChat 1.1, the new NeoChat release introduces numerous new features and improvements, starting with message bubbles, which is the first thing you’ll notice after upgrading to the new version. Of course, this is a minor change, but will probably make your chatting more enjoyable.

As for the major changes, NeoChat 1.2 adds an account switcher at the bottom of the window to make it easier to switch between multiple accounts, completely revamps the text input component with support for automatic completion of commands and customized reactions, and the ability to use the up arrow key to access the last written message.

NeoChat 1.2 also adds support for Matrix URIs, so it’s easier now to open matrix: links from a web browser into NeoChat, adds support for inline replies in the notification dialog, so it’s now easier to reply to messages, adds an indicator to notify you when there’s no Internet connection, and adds the ability to automatically open a newly joined room.

For mobile users, the new NeoChat release adds the context menu as a bottom drawer and makes scrolling a bit more smoother, but not perfect yet. Lastly, the fireworks and snow effects from Element are now also available in NeoChat.

You can download and install NeoChat 1.2 right now on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution from Flathub as a Flatpak app. For more details on the new features, improvements, and bug fixes implemented in this release, check out the announcement page.

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