Nuvola Player 4.21 Brings Official Support for Linux Mint, Anghami Support, and More

Nuvola Player 4.21

Jiří Janoušek announced the release of Nuvola Player 4.21, a new version of this free and open-source universal music player for web-based media streaming services.

Nuvola Player 4.21 looks to be a major update to this overlooked media player that gives you instant access to a wide range of popular media streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Jamendo, Tidal, BBC iPlayer, DI.FM, SoundCloud, ownCloud Music, SiriusXM, and many others.

Two major changes are implemented in this update, the first being official support for the Linux Mint distribution in the way that the player will no longer give you errors during installation and it better integrates with both the Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments, and the second is support for the Anghami Arabic music streaming service.

This release also improves support for the Spotify by fixing next and repeat actions, as well as Google login, adds Japanese region support for Amazon Cloud Player, add national variants for Audible, fixes Google login for Primephonic, and adds seek support, improved stop support and a personalized icon set for Qobuz.

Support for the Tidal, Apple Music, 8tracks, BBC iPlayer, Brain.FM, Deezer, DI.FM, Focus@Will, Gaana, Idagio, Ivoox, Jamendo, Jango, Jupiter, KEXP, MentorFM, Mixcloud, NPR One, ownCloud Music, Pocket Casts, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Yandex Music, and YouTube services has been improved as well.

Last but not least, Nuvola Player 4.21 deprecates support for Pandora and Plex until they become compatible again. Among other changes, this release address the wrong initial state of the “Show sidebar” toggle and an issue with the Quit action that’s triggered with the Media Player Remote Interface.

You can download Nuvola Player 4.21 right now from the official website where you’ll find instructions for a Flatpak version that you can install on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution that supports the Flatpak universal package format.

The good thing about Nuvola Player is that you can only install the music streaming service you want to use.

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