System76 Unveils the “Launch Heavy” Full-Size and Open-Source Configurable Keyboard

Launch Heavy

Linux hardware vendor System76 announced today a new generation of their Launch configurable keyboard, the Launch Heavy, which comes with new features and full size.

Seven months after the release of the Launch keyboard and five months after the Launch Lite keyboard, System76 has prepared a nice Christmas present for all of us, the Launch Heavy keyboard, a new model that comes in full size and with new features.

Apart from being a full-sized keyboard, the first of its generation, the Launch Heavy keyboard comes with 105 keys, including a function row, as well as additional extra keys, including the System76 logo, Pop!_OS logo, a rocket, and a robot as an alternative design for the Super key or another key of your choosing.

The Launch Heavy keyboard also comes with a split spacebar that includes two 2U keys to let you position prominent keys like the Backspace, Fn, Shift, and Esc directly beneath your thumb, as well as more than 84 inputs for the new NumPad with four keyboard layers, which makes it the most customizable of them all.

Last but not least, the new Launch keyboard is fully open source, just like its smaller siblings, which means that users have free online access to schematics for the aluminum-milled chassis and custom PCB, along with the source code for the System76 Keyboard Configurator app that lets you create mappings for keys.

Those interested in buying a fully configurable and open-source keyboard can purchase the Launch Heavy keyboard right now from System76’s website. The price for this model starts at $299 USD and can go up to $334 USD with a 3-year warranty.

Image credits: System76

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