Arch Linux Installer Archinstall 2.7 Adds Support for Unified Kernel Image

This release also implements the ability to check for new versions of archinstall when initiating the Arch Linux installer.
Archinstall 2.7

Arch Linux’s menu-based installer archinstall has been updated today to version 2.7, a major release that adds some new features and fixes many bugs.

Archinstall 2.7 introduces two important features, namely support for unified kernel image (UKI), which is a single executable that can be booted directly from the UEFI firmware, and the ability to check for new versions of archinstall when initiating the Arch Linux installer.

Along with the new version checking capability, the new Arch Linux installer also improves user error information. In addition, it extends the mypy checks, adds initial Hindi language support, and introduces better documentation using CSV for tables and re-organizing parameter definitions and an improved layout.

On top of that, archinstall 2.7 adds the nvidia-dkms package when installing the NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver, adds a --skip-ntp parameter to deal with the “Waiting for time sync (systemd-timesyncd.service) to complete.” error during installation, adds the ability to handle the signal interrupt and EOF at input prompts, and simplifies SysCommand decoding.

Among the bugs addressed in archinstall 2.7, there’s a fix for missing information for pre-mounted disk configuration, keyboard layout and timezone menus, install text initialization, reset in locales menu, password preview, GPT end alignment, Limine bootloader, and parsing of pre-mounted disk configuration from a configuration file.

Also fixed is the MOUNT_POINT variable for pre-mounted disk configuration, the EFISTUB command line, as well as logic errors in the _fetch_lsblk_info() and encrypt() loops. In addition, this release removes select_language() duplicate of select_kb_layout() and superfluous use of partprobe.

Archinstall 2.7 is available for download right now from the project’s GitHub page, but you will also be able to install it from the Arch Linux repositories in case you plan on deploying the independent, rolling-release distro on new computers.

Archinstall 2.7 will also be the default installer in the upcoming Arch Linux ISO snapshot for December 2023.

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