Arch Linux’s December 2023 ISO Release Brings Linux 6.6 LTS, Updated Installer

The archinstall menu-based installer received several new features and improvements.
Arch Linux’s December 2023

Arch Linux 2023.12.01 is out today as Arch Linux’s ISO snapshot for December 2023 powered by a new kernel and featuring a much-improved installation experience.

Arch Linux’s December 2023 ISO release includes archinstall 2.7, which brings two important features, namely support for unified kernel image (UKI), which is a single executable that can be booted directly from the UEFI firmware, and the ability to check for new versions of archinstall when initiating the Arch Linux installer.

The Arch Linux menu-based installer also adds support for the nvidia-dkms package when installing the NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver, adds a --skip-ntp parameter to deal with the “Waiting for time sync (systemd-timesyncd.service) to complete.” error during installation, and introduces initial support for the Hindi language.

On top of that, archinstall 2.7 adds the ability to handle the signal interrupt and EOF at input prompts, improves user error information, extends the mypy checks, introduces better documentation using CSV for tables, re-organizing parameter definitions, simplifies SysCommand decoding, and fixes several bugs that were present in previous versions to boost the stability and reliability of Arch Linux’s installation experience.

Arch Linux’s December 2023 ISO release is also the first to be powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.6 LTS kernel series, which introduces new features like Intel Shadow Stack support for Intel CPUs, a new task scheduler called EEVDF, USB MIDI 2 gadget support, as well as numerous new and updated drivers for better hardware support.

Those of you who want to install Arch Linux on new computers can download the Arch Linux 2023.12.01 ISO snapshot right now from the official website or by clicking on the direct download link below. Existing Arch Linux users need only to keep their installation up to date by running the sudo pacman -Syu command in their favorite terminal emulator.

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