Arch Linux’s First ISO Snapshot Powered by Linux Kernel 5.17 Is Now Available for Download

Arch Linux 5.17

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 has been released today as the distribution’s first ISO snapshot to be powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.17 kernel series.

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 is now available for download and it’s the first ISO release of the lightweight and flexible GNU/Linux distribution to be powered by Linux kernel 5.17, which brings numerous new features, better hardware support through new and updated drivers, as well as many other improvements.

Linux kernel 5.17’s first point release, 5.17.1, is included by default in Arch Linux’s ISO snapshot for April 2022, which also includes up-to-date packages that have been released throughout March 2022.

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 also includes the latest release of the archinstall official, guided Arch Linux installer that makes your life easier when installing Arch Linux on new computers.

Archinstall 2.3.3 was released a few days ago as a bugfix update to address an issue affecting users installing Arch Linux using an encrypted Btrfs file system with default-layout and systemd-boot. It also fixes the --help option to show --disk-layouts and to correctly handle the argument.

Existing Arch Linux users received the Linux 5.17 kernel series earlier this week, but you don’t have to download the new ISO snapshot to update your installations. All you have to do is run the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator and install all available updates.

As such, Arch Linux 2022.04.01 is here only for new deployments of the rolling-release distribution, which turned 20 years old earlier this month on March 11th. Happy birthday, Arch Linux!

Without further ado, if you want to refresh your Arch Linux ISO snapshot to the 2022.04.01 release on your USB flash drive for future installations of the distribution, you can grab the ISO image right now by clicking on the direct download link below or by visiting the official website if you need a download mirror closer to your location.

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