Ardour 8.1 Open-Source DAW Improves Launchpad Pro Support, Fixes Bugs

This release improves support for VST3 plugins and adds support for track names when consolidating ranges.
Ardour 8.1

Ardour 8.1 open-source DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has been released today as a hotfix update to the latest Ardour 8 series of this open-source and cross-platform music production software.

Coming less than two weeks after Ardour 8.0, this first point release is here to improve support for the Novation Launchpad Pro controller by fixing MIDI port names and ensuring it works with all versions of ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) on Linux.

Ardour 8.1 also adds MIDNAM file support for Moog Subsequent 37, adds support for track names when consolidating ranges, and adds the ability to allow bounces with specific source (file) and region names.

Furthermore, it updates the Varispeed dialog to allow control in percentage units in addition to semitones and cents and to ensure that the shuttle control remains in sync with the actual transport speed. It also ensures that only selected MIDI notes will be modified when drawing freehand velocity curves (very useful when editing drum tracks).

Among the bugs fixed in this release, there’s a fix for a crash caused by certain VST3 plugins that behaved oddly, a fix for potentially duplicated MIDI events with certain signal routing, and a fix for a freeze that occurred when adjusting a region fade.

Ardour 8.1 also fixes the selection logic when middle-clicking on notes in a MIDI track header keyboard, the missing label in the Insert Time dialog, as well as an issue where multichannel tracks would play in mono.

Other than that, this release prevents time domain (music/audio) confusion when trimming audio and MIDI regions, tweaks the build system to accommodate newer versions of the kissfft library, and removes some cruft from build system scripts.

As usual, you can download the latest Ardour release from the official website. Since the devs only provide the source code and paid binaries, you can also install Ardour as a Flatpak app from Flathub or from your distro’s repositories.

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