Armbian 23.08 Brings Support for Lenovo X13s, Official Distro Upgrades

This release also adds support for the Orange Pi PC Plus open-source single-board card computer.
Armbian 23.8.1

The Armbian community released Armbian 23.08 “Colobus” as a major update to this Debian and Ubuntu-based distribution for ARM and x86 devices, including single-board computers and ARM laptops.

Coming about a month from the previous update for the Armbian 23.05 series, Armbian 23.08 is here with support for the most recent memory chips on the Banana Pi BPI-M5 single-board computer, Linux kernel 6.1 LTS support for the Banana Pi BPI-CM4 single-board computer, and initial support for the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s ARM laptop.

Armbian 23.08 also brings official distro upgrade support integrated into armbian-config, armbian-gaming as an extension, a new grub-with-dtb extension to enable the GRUB extension and implement various GRUB hooks, enables power management functions in Allwinner boards, improves Khadas VIM3/VIM3L and Odroid M1 boot support.

This release also brings support for the Orange Pi PC Plus open-source single-board card computer, adds SPI boot support for the ROCK5A single-board computer from Radxa, adds pwm-fan support to the NanoPi R4S single-board computer, and enables support for the power button and Ethernet on the NanoPi Duo2 ARM board.

The list of changes included in Armbian 23.08 continues with support for the bluetooth-hciattach extension for the Orange Pi 5 single-board computer, support for the Radxa CM5 computing module, PCIe 3 support for the NanoPC-T6 single-board computer, as well as initial host and target support for Debian 13 “Trixie.”

Among other noteworthy changes, Armbian 23.08 adds missing modules to Allwinner SUNXI64, adds and tests the 4G PCI modem on the Banana Pi BPI-CM4 board and enables auto-testing facility, enables wireless driver support for MT7921U on all kernels, and adjusts the u-boot patches to be correctly applied.

Of course, there are also various bug fixes to improve support for existing boards, such as Banana Pi BPI-CM4, ROCK Pi 4, ROCK Pi S, Orange Pi 3 and Orange Pi 3 LTS, Nanopi Black 5, and some Allwinner 32-bit boards. For more details on these bug fixes, check out the official changelog.

“After the complete rework of our build framework, we proceeded with refreshing repository management and automation processes. We have significantly stabilized both our framework and many hardware platforms we are taking care of,” said the devs in the release announcement.

Armbian 23.08 is available for download right now from the official website.

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